How To DJ Professionally



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  • Land paying gigs at Parties, Clubs, and Events.
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In this easy-to-read guide….Learn:

  • How to Become A Professional Mobile DJ
  • All About Events
  • What To Wear
  • Party Formats
  • How Important you really are!
  • Event Music
  • Making Great Mistakes
  • Where the DJ Industry is Going
  • Professional DJ Equipment
  • CD Players/Dual Decks
  • Media Players/Controllers
  • Laptop DJ’ing
  • iPod DJ’ing
  • iPad DJ’ingDJ Mixers
  • Racks, Cases, & Coffins
  • DJ Lighting
  • Equipment Failures and Solutions.
  • Beat Mixing Music on Your Equipment
  • Event Preparation
  • Music Preparation; playlists and mixes
  • Finding Work Fast
  • Becoming A DJ Business Owner
  • Marketing Yourself
  • Selling Successfully With Clients
  • The Contract – With Examples for you to copy!!
  • Why You’ll Need To Actually Turn Gigs Down




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BONUS: (DGlossary)

The Best DJ TERMS  Anywhere!!

Want to know what a Cartridge is?

Ever wonder what “beat-mixing” actually entails?

What is Vinyl Emulation?

What exactly is a CDJ?

How do you “Slam”

What would it take to “Scratch”?

What is the actual role of an MC (emcee)?

And so Much More……


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